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Desert Ridge Marketplace Shoppers Have Something to ‘Cheers’ About

by Jennifer Setteducato 11.6.2019, CSA The Business Retail


You Can Now Stroll This Arizona Mall with Beer, Wine or Hard Drinks in Hand


How Multimillion-Dollar Makeovers are Transforming 2 Denver-Area Shopping Centers into Mixed-Use Developments

On the surface, the shopping centers at Bowles Crossing and The Orchard Town Center share few similarities.


Utah’s Gateway Mall, the Literal Art of Retail Resurrection

SALT LAKE CITY — Sometimes, shopping malls just don’t work out. America made sure of that.


Why Tech Companies Are Flocking to The Gateway

Downtown Salt Lake City is experiencing an unprecedented urban renaissance within the tech sector. New office-sharing concepts have been introduced and former retail space is being rapidly transformed into bustling hubs of business activity. At the center of establishing downtown’s emerging startup and technology scene, The Gateway introduced Recursion Pharmaceuticals and Kiln Co-Working Space in fall 2018 with more than 125k square feet of new office space.


Shopping Centers Today Big Gains for Small Shops

Small-shop tenants took a hit when credit dried up after the 2008 financial crisis. Now, a decade later, some landlords are reporting record-high occupancies and rents for these operators, generally defined as those leasing space of 10,000 square feet or less. The gains are attributable to a robust economy and to such trends as consumer obsession with beauty, health and fitness, experts say.

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